Things to know about fountain women

What does it mean to be a fountain woman? First of all, it is important to know that during sex, 3 out of 4 women ejaculate during an orgasm. However, the amount is sometimes too small to be noticed. For some women, on the other hand, the liquid is much more abundant and can be as much as 300 ml. These people are called fountain women. Rest assured, there is nothing wrong with these women. On the contrary. A woman's orgasm is at its peak when she reaches female ejaculation. And the expression "going to seventh heaven" takes on its full meaning.

Where does the fluid come from?

Female ejaculation is a liquid that is expelled through the urethra when a woman has an orgasm or is about to come. It is not cyprine, however, which is naturally produced when we feel pleasure. This fluid is mainly made up of very diluted urine. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing dirty about it. In fact, the bacteria in the urine have not had time to settle. Others think that this love water is a mixture of secretions from the Skene glands (also known as the female prostate) and diluted urine. It is similar to the pre-ejaculatory fluid in men.

Why can one become a female fountain?

The first fact is that all women are fountain women. The concern is that some have not yet experienced this extraordinary adventure. To achieve this, you have to listen to your body, your sexuality and your partner. To succeed in expelling this liquid from your urethra, a great deal of letting go is essential. You can achieve this through vaginal penetration or clitoral stimulation. The best advice for women who want to try is not to think about it. Don't try to achieve it! In fact, female ejaculation happens mostly when you are not expecting it and are living fully in the moment.

The link between the fountain woman and "letting go"!

Being a fountain woman is far from being a definite nature. Some women discover it at the first sexual act, others much later. It can happen with every orgasm or it can happen occasionally. In other words, there is no particular profile. In fact, even science is having trouble unravelling this mystery. How does this phenomenon occur? The only fact common to the different experiences and testimonies is that it is necessary to let go of all control on the part of the women to reach this state. It is therefore a question of unreserved abandonment to the loved one.

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