Is sex a powerful stress reliever?

Stress is an ailment that has begun to affect a large part of the population in recent years. Various therapies have been developed to combat it. Thus, sex, thanks to its exceptional powers, has been used throughout the years to fight against this malaise.

Making love to create a soothing atmosphere

Making love is an act that puts both partners in a soothing atmosphere. Caressing, tenderness, all the foreplay, the orgasm lead to a noticeable decrease of cortisol in the human body. This has a remarkable effect on the body, as cortisol is known to be a stress-related substance. In addition, during sex both partners are freed from negative thoughts, which are a source of stress for humans. For single people, masturbation can lead to much the same results. During the whole process, there is also a significant production of various hormones that can relieve tension. Oxytocin, for example, is a hormone that reduces anxiety and stress.

A sexual act produces a feeling of well-being

During sex, and especially during orgasm, the body produces various important hormones. Endorphins and serotonin, for example, are known to be mood-enhancing hormones. Making love promotes the release of these happy hormones in sufficient quantities. Endorphin is also a pain-relieving hormone that puts the body in a better condition in various circumstances. In addition, elements with anti-stress properties can be passed on to the woman during unprotected sex. They are present in the semen and are injected into the vagina during ejaculation. Thus, making love is a practice that makes the couple feel good. This feeling of well-being is beneficial to the body and even helps it to overcome stress.

Good sleep as a weapon against stress

It has always been known that having sex before going to sleep has a better effect on sleep, especially for men. This is partly due to the production of various hormones that can help you fall asleep during sex. The state of calmness and well-being associated with sexual intercourse may also be a possible explanation. Sleeping well is, moreover, an effective way of forgetting problems of any kind, at least for a while. Getting a good night's sleep is a good remedy against stress.

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