Is it possible to seduce your ex? How to rekindle the flame?

Getting your ex back, regaining your feelings, rekindling the flame seem to be impossible missions for some. However, from one situation to another, from one couple to another, it is quite possible to seduce your ex again. In any case, it is not an easy or short-term task. There are efforts to be made and tricks to be adopted. Find out in this article how you can achieve this.

Be the change you expect!

If the break-up has taken place, there have certainly been disagreements. For lack of either ego, one or the other refused to change. Obviously, to get back to square one, it will be necessary to promote a change. This can be decided towards the cause or causes of the separation. Indeed, your ex would like to be assured that the problems will not recur as before. To do this, the main pledge is conversion, or even a kind of sacrifice. There are situations or attitudes that drove your partner to break up, which are simply unbearable for the person. You will surprise him/her by taking such a decision, or even awaken his/her feelings.

Know how to provoke your ex!

As soon as your ex knows that you intend to win him or her back, you must provoke him or her. On the one hand, you can already use the information you have. After all, there is a part of your partner that has not changed much. So think about exploiting his or her passions, interests, etc. through small, meaningful gestures. On the other hand, you will have to rely on surprise effects. Make sure you show that you are not short of ideas or energy. If you promise the same things as before, there is no chance of reawakening his love. Your ex will need other assurances that will save your future relationship from another possible break-up.

Do not force the situation and be patient!

If you force the situation, your ex may think you are in trouble without him or her. Recovering takes time and efforts will be measured according to how the situation develops. Sometimes your partner will put you to the test. Patience must be your best ally. It is in your best interest to acknowledge his or her difficulties. Do your best to succeed. Finally, your new image must be noticed, the one that guarantees the success and durability of the new relationship.

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