How to make love on a table?

Making love on a table... nobody would have thought that this piece of furniture would have erotic power. With some well adapted positions and a little imagination, you will have a different look at your furniture, and your home sweet home. The table can be used in the kitchen, the meeting room, the dining room, the changing room, in the garden, as a side table or even in a restaurant. Yes, it can happen that we are forgotten inside. In any case, it is important to make sure that it is solid and at the right height for people. In the worst case, you can always opt for a coffee table. So how do you go about it?

Violently clearing the table

We've all seen it on TV! This downright exciting and wild gesture leads us to believe that the pleasure will be crazy on this table. It's part of foreplay. And the more we throw things on the floor, the wilder the tone becomes. In fact, the table is loaded with eroticism, as it offers an accessible position when the woman sits on the edge, while bringing a note of change. The man lifts his partner up and places her on the table, while staring straight into her eyes.

Positioning and locking the legs

To perfect the position, the woman should sit on the edge of the table. This will allow her man to penetrate her easily. In fact, it's just like going to the gynaecologist. It is essential that you have a good position and that you feel comfortable. Enjoyment requires comfort. If you are straining too hard to hold the position, you are not in the right position to receive pleasure. Once you are comfortable, why not lock your legs and direct the movements with your feet? In other words, with your heels around your man's back, you can pace the back and forth of the penetration. You are in control and can direct your sensations and your pleasure.

Changing angles

In addition, the woman can allow herself to be plunged backwards in order to change the angle of penetration. The man's body is vertical and his partner's horizontal. Note that the legs can remain locked behind the man's back. But don't worry, the pleasure doesn't stop there! It is up to women to try out the different angles of penetration as each woman has her own favourite. Some prefer to position their legs around their man's hips, in the crook of their elbows or on their shoulders. They can choose to sit or lie down, or alternate between the two positions. In any case, the best thing to do is to explore to find out what you like best!

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