How to make a success of your first time?

Every person's first time is forever etched in their memory. It involves many questions in addition to the desire itself. For women, it is a unique and long-awaited event. Losing your virginity changes your life in many ways because it is such an important moment and many fears and anxieties are involved in this stage. This moment is also surrounded by myths, accompanied by fears and doubts that it is more than necessary to prepare for. Only then will the apprehension and doubt dissipate and you will enjoy the moment.

Basic advice for a successful first time

Protect yourself from sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy. Know your body so you have more control over it. You can masturbate to find out what gives you pleasure and understand what happens when you get aroused. Ask your family or friends for details of the sexual encounter so that you know what is going on during sex and are not too surprised.

How do you prepare for your first time?

First of all, identify what your desires are to avoid frustration. What are your expectations, is it orgasmic sex, are you looking for affection, feelings. You need to find answers to these questions so that you are not caught off guard. Listen to your partner. Some girls are afraid or ashamed to tell their partner that it is their first time. Being transparent with your partner about this increases the chances of feeling more comfortable with any discomfort during sex. It is also the best way to build trust. Sex is not just about penetration. Listen to yourself, listen to your partner and discover yourself. Many women experience more pleasure outside of penetration.

Learn from your first time

When it comes to sex, you will learn something new every day. No one is good in bed the first time, so don't overestimate this experience in advance. This is just the beginning of many first times. Accept the fact that you will probably make mistakes, because you will be discovering the other person and their body at the same time as you discover yourself. Don't let feelings like guilt, fear or shame spoil your first time. It is important to know what you are doing so that you do not take unnecessary risks. Remember, it's your body, your rules.

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