Hotdogging: what is it?

To boost your libido, there is nothing like new sensual experiences. Forget missionary and doggy style, which are far too classic and rigid. Let yourself be tempted by more sensuality. Try hotdogging, the Kamasutra practice known as a variant of 69. What about this new technique that sounds so appealing?

What is hotdogging?

Hotdogging is known as a trendy practice of sliding the phallus between the buttocks of one's wife without penetration. This position is similar to the hot dog, a sandwich with a sausage between two slices of bread. This is an idyllic way to start warming up. However, please don't overdo it, as this can lead to your partner cumming from the back and forth. Adult video sites often talk about this technique, which many people try to achieve. You can also find out more in photos.

How to enjoy without "penetrating"?

How can you get pleasure without "penetration"? If this is the question you are asking yourself, you should know that various practices are carried out without penile penetration. This is the case of the Spanish handjob or the famous 69. Fellatio itself gives pleasure without necessarily using the man's penis. As far as hotdogging is concerned, it is a preamble to sodomy. Otherwise, by practising this practice, you stimulate the woman's clitoris. This method allows both partners to reach orgasm at the same time. However, for many, it is only a preliminary to penetration. Nevertheless, hotdogging is enough to prove that the pleasure of sex is not limited to penetration.

Hotdogging for sexual disorders

For most people, sex is a real source of pleasure. However, when you have a sexual disorder, coitus can become a real problem. For women, this means vaginismus or vaginal dryness. In men, it means erectile dysfunction. Hotdogging is recommended to deal with these situations. In addition to increasing arousal, this method delays penetration and therefore enjoyment. However, in the long term, this practice without penetration can be a source of frustration for both partners. If erectile dysfunction refuses to go away, it is best to consult a gynaecologist.

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