How To Make Your Sex Life Even Better

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Sensitivity Exploring Exercises

One secret of being a really successful lover is to know the response potential of every square millimeter of your partner's body, and to have your partner just as familiar with your body. The art of physical sex is based on physical sensation; not on one sensation, but on a combination of many; not on one level but in a gradual build-up, eventually to explode in (hopefully) a massive orgasm. One way to help this process is to ask your partner "Is there anything you particularly like and don't like?" These little exchanges clear the ground considerably. Nothing puts a man off more than to be told in the middle of one of his patient caresses, 'Don't do that, I don't like it!' and you can avoid discomfort by telling your partner what you don't like, and give yourself more pleasure by telling them what you do like.

Having made this exchange, one can get down to business. If you intend your first sexual encounter to be one of a series, or to develop into a permanent relationship, the following ideas may be helpful to you.

Sensate Focus Videos

Sensitivity Exploring Exercise # I

Lying side by side naked on the bed, scrutinize each other's body so that you get to know what it looks like. There will be times when you are making certain caresses when you won't be able to see much of him/her, but if you've got a mental photograph it's quite a help in imagining how he/she is enjoying what you're doing, and you really need to know that, because it encourages you to even greater heights of skill.

For the Woman

Look at his ears and see if he has well-formed lobes. If he has you can be pretty sure he likes to have them nibbled.

Inspect his nipples. If they stand out well from the areola and are fairly big, you can be fairly certain that they are sensitive, and will repay the attentions of finger, lips and tongue. All men can be trained to enjoy greater nipple-sensitivity, so a little later on you can go to work on them, stretching, teasing and maybe even enlarging them.

Regard his penis carefully. He's almost certain to have an erection by this time, but if he hasn't, encourage one. When his cock is nicely erect, size up its dimensions. You don't have to worry about its thickness, but length may be important to you if you are one of those women (and there are a lot about) who find accommodating the whole of a long penis a bit uncomfortable. You will make a note not to encourage him to take up those sex positions which allow the whole length of his penis to go into your vagina.

If his penis is a bit below average length and you don't want him to be discouraged by it, you will help him if you make more use of those sex positions which you would avoid for the 8-inch model. No matter how long it is, if it is particularly slim, make a note to test your vaginal sphincter, and see that it is in really good shape. If you've recently been accustomed to a bulky penis, you may have let this very useful muscle get just a little slack. Take note whether he has a paunch and if so, how protuberant it is, because it can affect the depth of his penis penetration potential in all but a few sex positions, and you will have to make allowances for that.

If he is not circumcised, inspect his foreskin. If it's already right back behind the coronal rim, you've nothing to worry about, but if it is fully or half covering the glans-penis, test whether it slips right back easily. Many a girl has caused a man excruciating pain by trying to force back a tight foreskin.

Size up the dimensions of his balls. He won't mind your doing it manually. If they're a bit outsize or you've got a cupid-bow mouth, you will give him great delight if you try to get them both into your mouth at once.

Clasp his penis firmly at the base with the whole of your hand and draw the hand up to the head. If a drop or two of his pre-ejaculatory fluid don't appear at the tip, more likely than not he'll need a little extra lubrication - saliva - before he goes into you. He will almost certainly be aware of this particular need and attend to it himself, but it's just as well to check that he does, first time round. For men whose orgasm is delayed, there is a source of good information at this website.

For the Man

If her thighs or belly are on the heavy side and you are not all that slim either, make a mental note to ask her to bring up her knees to her breasts before you try to go in her, otherwise you may lose precious seconds at a vital moment maneuvering your cock into the best sex positions that make her orgasm.

Ask her kindly to spread her legs; raise yourself on an elbow; with the fingers part her outer lips and locate her clitoris. Estimate its size (not that size counts as far as sensitivity is concerned) because you will then be able to get an idea of the techniques that will be most effective. (Few clitorises are so long that you can work on them as though they were a nipple, but if you come across one this size, the feel of it between your lips will be so fantastic that it will make your penis ache.) While on your clitoral tour of inspection, find out whether the hood retracts easily. If it does, you're not likely to encounter any stimulation snags. If it is "buried," you may have to experiment, because "buried" clitorises may be tricky to stimulate.

Ask her to show you how she likes her clitoris to be stimulated. Preferences are almost as numerous as women, and only she can show you. It's also useful to note the growth of the hair in the labial region. If her outer lips are a bit too hirsute in your opinion, offer to clip the hair for her.

Next, slip your hand behind one of her knees, as if by accident, touch it lightly and note her reactions. If she has the same sort of reflex action that healthy people have when you strike them just below the knee-cap with a medical reflex tester, you will know that she is very sensitive and most likely you are in for a great time. Sexual problems: sometimes, I have to admit, ED may mean big changes in your relationship. It's very often the case that erection problems hint at a deeper issue or sexual dysfunction. This could range from sex addiction to compulsive masturbation to relationship difficulties. You can get over some of those difficulties by learning the basics of male seduction techniques. The Tao of Badass is one such program, and it's very popular right now. Check out The Tao Of Badass review here.

Sensitivity Exploring Exercise # 2

For the Woman

Ask him to get off the bed for a moment, and stand up straight. Note the angle his penis makes with his belly. The nearer the tip is to his navel, the more ability to control premature ejaculation, and that is useful to know.

For the Man

Put a finger in her vagina. Ask her to grip it. If you can't feel her gripping, put in two, then if necessary three. If you can feel her grip on one finger, you can be sure she's been doing her Kegels and can drive you really wild if she wants to.

Sensitivity Exploring Exercise # 3

For the Woman

While he is still standing beside the bed, notice the hang of his balls. If they are drawn right up tight and firm under his penis, you'll know he hasn't come for thirty six hours at least, and that it is going to be quite a session of sex.

If they hang slightly slack, you can be almost certain that you are in for a nice slow, but nevertheless, a really exciting ride.

For the Man

Get your face between her legs and your tongue into her vagina. Draw your tongue rapidly in and out. If she arches her back, you may be sure she will come more than once.

Sensitivity Exploring Exercise # 4

For the Woman

Ask him to lie on his belly. Part his buttock cheeks with one hand, moisten a finger of the other hand with saliva and lightly run it round the rim of his anal opening. If the anal opening contracts until it looks like a tightly packed rosebud, you can be sure that he is sensitive there.

Having made this discovery, moisten a finger again and insert it through the anal opening. If the opening relaxes, you can be sure he is more than usually sensitive there, and may occasionally wish for anal stimulation. You can meet his unvoiced wishes by inserting up to three fingers and moving them backwards and forwards. If he is really super-sensitive, he may come while you are doing it. Don't try this, though, unless your nails are beautifully trimmed, otherwise you may never see him again.

For The Man

Ask her to lie on her belly. Part her buttock cheeks with one hand, moisten a finger of the other with saliva, and lightly run it round the rim of her anal opening. If the anal opening contracts until it looks like a tightly packed rosebud, you can't be sure that someone has been there before.

But now moisten a finger and put it into the opening. If she relaxes, you can be certain someone has been there before and that if you want to make use of it as a variant orifice, she is not going to say no. She will, in fact, expect to receive your attentions in this area from time to time.

Sensitivity Exploring Exercise # 5

For the Woman

Suck his big toe. It doesn't matter on which foot. If he squirms or groans, you can be sure you are onto a winner.

For the Man

Suck her big toe. It doesn't matter on which foot but if she squirms or groans you can pull out all the stops and be thoroughly appreciated.

Sensitivity Exploring Exercise # 6

For the Woman

Ask him to lie on his belly again. With two fingertips beginning at the base of the spine, move up his backbone inch by inch, pressing lightly each time, until you have covered about four inches. if at one point, his buttocks buck, you can be sure you have found his Erection Center. This knowledge is extremely useful, because if he flags now and again you can stiffen his penis up again in no time by a little pressure on this point.

For the Man

Ask her to lie on her belly again. Beginning at the nape of her neck, run the tip of your tongue down the length of her spine. If she lifts her buttocks to meet your tongue as you reach the small of her back, you may be certain that she has a very high degree of overall sensitivity, which is invaluable to know at the first meeting. If you wish to use any lubricants for intercourse a water based lubricant is best.

Sensitivity Exploring Exercise # 7

For Both

Each should try out on the other the special caresses he or she particularly likes, and explore any personal highly erogenous zones. During this mutual experimenting, each partner should give the other the fullest help and guidance.

This exercise has the effect of bringing the couple into quite intimate terms in a short time. Once you have shared your sex secrets with somebody else your relationship must inevitably be closer; your emotional rapport will get off on the right footing, too. These half-dozen or so Sensitivity Exploring Exercises are designed to allow the man and woman having sex with each other for the first time to discover each other's sensitivity potential in the shortest possible time. If you have exercises which you have devised yourselves, do not hesitate to use them. One of the most important things to remember about sex is that scarcely any two people respond in exactly the same way. That's one of the things that makes it such fun!