How To Make Manifestation Work For You

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Manifestation and the Law Of Attraction

Manifestation is a very important part of being human. In fact, those who know about this kind of thing would say that manifesting your desires with the power of your mind is one of the most fundamental attributes that God has given us.

Now I don't want to bring a religious element into any discussion of manifestation because I don't think it's helpful you see, believers and nonbelievers alike can manifest whatever they want if they know the techniques that propel the law of attraction into motion. Check this out here.

Of course if you want to put this in a religious framework, feel free to do so, but on the other hand if you're more inclined to regard manifestation as a natural human attribute, then please do that as well.

So regardless of any religious affiliation you might have, I'm sure you can accept that the power of prayer or the power of wish fulfillment is a thing that has been with human race for many generations indeed, since the dawn of time.

And what it means in practice is that each and every one of us has been given an ability to use our subconscious minds to connect with the spiritual world beyond our physical form and indeed beyond the bounds of our conscious mind, so that we can propel our desires and wishes into the infinite intelligence, and energize them in a way that will cause them to manifest as physical entities on the planet Earth.

One of the qualities of being human, I've noticed over the years, without being cynical, is that a lot of people seem to expect something for nothing, and of course talk of manifestation plays perfectly into this desire a kind frame of mind which suggests that in fact regardless how much effort or time or energy we put into any project that we feel motivated to try, we somehow deserve the experience of success, or unbounded wish fulfillment without making much effort ourselves.

You regard this, I'm sure, being an informed and intelligent person, as extremely naive wish fulfillment happens because you know how the Law of Manifestation operates, and because you can apply it to your own desires and situations in a way that the universe recognizes as sincere and profoundly motivated by the correct desires in other words, positive spirituality.

Yet at the same time it's not a spiritual process: it's a mechanical process, at least in the sense that you do certain things and you get certain outcomes.

For me, one of the magical aspects of manifestation is the fact that it really does produce anything that I desire, and over and over again I have experienced the profound shock and awe at finding those things which I've sent out into the universe as requests or prayers are delivered to me in material form.

No doubt you would like an explanation of how this works, and indeed there are plenty of people around who'd be willing to offer you one ranging from quantum physics, through to the power of God as an entity who can choose whether or not to give us what we want.

But I'd rather follow a slightly different approach to manifestation, and say to you "Well, you could have an explanation if you want, but since the act of manifesting anything is an act of faith in itself, why not leave it at that, and maintain your faith in the world's ability to give you what you want by simply accepting that you can manifest reality with the power of your mind?"

For those of you have a scientific bent, or cynical nature, this is probably not going to be anything like enough, and in fact, I can quite understand why, because in the early days of my experience with manifestation I set out to look for explanations of how it operated.

As the years have gone by, I've found that these explanations have become less and less necessary to me and that my faith is more and more adequate as a means of explaining the mechanism of manifestation.

But I accept some of you might want to know more about it, so I'm going to give you a couple of references which will be very helpful at least I hope they will.

First of all, then this is a scientific explanation, which is rather intriguing and fascinating, but actually won't make it any easier for you to manifest anything: that's because what you need more than anything else to be able to manifest anything is a true sense of belief and certainty around the possibility of it appearing in your life!

And the second is a website which can gain some practical instructions and information about how you can manifest stuff, bearing in mind the interesting possibility that you have everything you need within you already. Get that? You are manifest in physical form, and all you need is potential within you waiting to manifest.